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The counselling approach of this registered clinical counsellor is holistic, non-pathologizing, strength and relationally based with a focus on somatic awareness to bring congruency between the mind and body. What she have learned through counselling work is that many of our wounds occur within our most trusted relationships causing us to have difficulties getting close to loved ones. Also, we become disconnected from ourselves when we experience trauma or disruptions in relationships. The good news is we can heal and form supportive and nurturing relationships. Counselling is one of the ways to achieve that. I believe with the right support, everyone can heal and transform from their struggles and challenges.

Her primary goal is to create a safe, non-judgemental, and nurturing environment, where you can explore new possibilities, discover choices that you may not have known you had, and ultimately to heal and to live a life of your choice.

From personal experience, she know the feeling of apprehension and vulnerability when sitting before a total stranger and sharing your stories. She commend you for taking this first step, and she hope she can be a source of great assistance along the way. Let's begin with a free 20 minute consultation and go from there.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Linda Liu

Session Individual
60 min  $140 + 5%GST
75 min $175 + 5%GST
90 min $210 + 5%GST

Languages: Mandarin, English