What is individual counselling?

Professional support focuses on personal problems through psychological and behavioural changes through one-on-one counselling sessions.

Types of Individual Counselling

  • Child & Youth: Focuses on the prevention and intervention of psychological disorders in children and adolescents. Common mental health problems of children and adolescents include emotional problems, learning disabilities, autism, child abuse, internet addiction, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, self-harm, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

  • Adult: Focuses on various psychological disorders in today’s society such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and intercultural adaptation.

  • Elder: Focuses on alleviating the mental stresses experienced by the elderly. Many elderly people experience loneliness, retirement syndrome, menopausal depression, anxiety, menopausal psychosis, in addition to sensitivity, paranoia, and behavioural quirks.

  • ICBC: Focuses on treating psychological trauma after a motor vehicle accident. Counselling services for ICBC patients can help address post-traumatic stress disorder or phobias neurosis and help people return to a normal life.

  • WSBC: Focuses on work-related injuries. Counselling services allow individuals to address pressure, anxiety and fear caused by work-related injuries and help people return to a normal life.

Individual Counselling Sample Topics

  • Stress Management
  • Emotion Regulation     
  • Anxiety and Depression     
  • Chronic Pain Management     
  • Immigration and Life Transitions     
  • Self-Esteem Issues     
  • Grief and Loss; Loneliness     
  • Cross-cultural Mental Health 

What are some symptoms that can be treated?

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Dysregulation

  • Career Development

  • Stress Management

  • Grief and Loss

  • Relational Issues: Child and Youth

  • Parenting, Trauma

  • High Functional Autism

  • Selective Mutism

What kind of method/therapy may be used?

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): Focuses on cognitive thinking, emotion, and behaviour. It aims to detect and correct distorted cognitive thinking that changes an individual's emotions and emotions, leading to changes in reaction outcomes and behaviour.

  • Mindfulness: It can include mindfulness-based stress reduction (meditation), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and dialectical behaviour therapy. The purpose is to self-regulate by focusing on and observing everything in the present, without judgment, without analysis, and without reaction.

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy: A form of psychotherapy that uses psychoanalysis of an individual's unconscious psychology and the exploration of an individual’s life history as a means to better understand behaviour and psychology.

  • Humanistic therapy: Humanistic therapy helps individuals believe in the potential and ability of self-realization and self-exploration to solve problems. Counselling assists with changing one’s mindset; becoming more people-centered and moving away from self-centeredness; practicing sincere, free, and equal communication.

  • Art therapy: Provides opportunities for non-verbal expression and communication through the analysis of artistic creations such as painting, music, crafts to understand the true emotions and inner thoughts that individuals want to express.

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Insurance Coverage

Session Individual | Couple/Family
50 min $140+5% GST
75 min $175+5% GST
90 min $210+5%GST

Languages: English & Mandarin

Session Individual | Couple/Family
60 min $150+5% GST
75 min $190+5% GST
90 min $225+5% GST

Languages: English, Mandarin, & Taiwanese

Top Specializations:

  • Teenagers & Family

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Grief & Loss

Top Specializations:

  • Children & Families

  • Young Adults

  • Workplace Counselling

Top Specializations:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Parenting

  • Child & Youth

Top Specializations:

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Loss grieving

Session Individual Couple/Family
50 min $150+5% GST $170+5% GST
75 min $225+5% GST $255+5% GST

Languages: English, Mandarin, & Cantonese

Top Specializations:

  • Children & Families

  • Emotion Regulation Challenges

  • Abuse & Trauma

  • Currently not receiving new clients.

Individual & Group Counselling


Yang holds both a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria (UVIC). She has worked at Family Service of Greater Victoria as well with families and children facing change and challenges in their relationships.

What are their differences?

Counsellor Rates

Our counsellors specialize in a variety of topics



Fiona holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University. She has worked with teenagers, young adults, adults, and parents, with a focus on youth and families during her earlier years. 

April is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist (RCAT), BC Registered Art Therapist (BCATR), and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCH). She has 2000+ hours working with children living with ASD and developmental delays, individuals with emotion regulation challenges, and issues with abuse and trauma.



Isabella is both a BC Registered Clinical Counsellor and a China Licensed Counsellor who holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counselling from Palo Alto University. She has experience working with clients ranging from age 18 to seniors from diverse cultural backgrounds for the past 10 years.
Session Individual Couple/Family
50 min $160+5% GST $180+5% GST
70 min N/A $270+5% GST

Languages: English & Mandarin


Vanessa has worked with children, youth, adults, and couples from diverse cultural backgrounds for more than 10 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work focusing on Family Therapy in Hong Kong and a second Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University.
Session Individual | Couple/Family
50 min $150+5% GST
75 min $200+5% GST

Languages: English & Cantonese